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Ashley Pagliuso
Small Business Owner: Clothing and Apparel
I am born and raised in Los Angeles, and went to CSUN for Biology. I have worked in multiple fields before finding my passion as a small business owner. I have done everything from managing performers, dancing at large music festivals, producing events, training horses, running the offices of fashion companies, which helped me learn my trade and create a passion for the clothing industry. I'm an avid animal lover which is why I studied biology. I enjoy horseback riding, archery, and love to travel having spent a decent amount of time in other countries including living in Australia.
Ivanna Jackson
I was born in Moscow, Russia. I moved to NYC at the age of 19 to study Graphic Design. After graduating, I worked for MNM Couture and Junk Food Clothing as an in-house designer for three years, creating digital advertising materials. Currently, I am focusing on portraiture Photography. My goal is to be able to capture female beauty and tell stories through the lens. I strive to make my clients feel beautiful, confident while staying authentic to themselves and this is the same goal I have with everyone I work with at AAG.
Chelsee Heinrichs
Dancer and Aerial Artist
I have been performing since the age of three and had the pleasure of developing a prosperous career through the art of dance in the style of burlesque, jazz, hip hop, and musical theater. My dedication to dance and insatiable need for travel has been rewarded with multiple performing opportunities around the world including Ibiza, Seoul, Mexico City, Beijing, Dubai and more. In order stay in the best shape possible for my craft, I also has a strong aptitude for Yoga, Fitness, Health, and Wellness. Essentially, I know the body is a beautiful instrument capable of so many things… and love to push those limits on and off the stage!
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AskAGirl Advisor Reviews
Brad L.
I was ecstatic to discover AskAGirl as it was a gamechanger for my dating life. Before most dates, I would be extremely conscious of my outfit and felt uncomfortable reaching out to friends for advice because well...... I'd never hear the end of it. This is when Rebecca stepped in. She is blogger for major fashion publications and was available to me on-demand at 1/10 the cost of hiring a personal stylist. lol, definitely not second-guessing my khakis and white Adidas look anymore!
Stacey W.
AskAGirl was a godsend to me! I had just gone through a tough breakup and my girlfriends were tired of hearing about it. I needed an unbiased person to chat with. I tried therapists, which were great, but I didn't get the feeling I was talking to a friend. That is when I met Jeannet. She helped me answer all those questions that my friends couldn't because she had the perfect outside perspective. Now, I'm back to dating and got Jeannet as my wingwoman!
Jake L.
Healthy Living
Not sure about other people, but I contemplate a ton before trying new diets and fitness routines. Jennifer's expertise in healthy living really helped me. I told her about my challenges and goals she helped set me on course with a manageable program that allowed me to ease in. No bs, it had been a few months since I achieved my goal, and I am still going strong.

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